Where is Zip Code 99212 map for 2020, 2019

Primary Zip Codes for 99212

Zip CodePrimary CitySecondary City
99212SpokaneSpokane, City Of Valley, Cty Spok Val, Millwood, Valley, Vly

Cities sharing Zip Codes with 99212

Zip CodePrimary CitySecondary CityMore Information
99016GreenacresSpokane Valley Spokane Valley population stats 
99016GreenacresSpokane Vly
99027Otis OrchardsCity Of Spokane Valley
99027Otis OrchardsSpokane Valley Spokane Valley population stats 
99027Otis OrchardsSpokane Vly
99037VeradaleCity Of Spokane Valley
99037VeradaleSpokane Valley Spokane Valley population stats 
99037VeradaleSpokane Vly
99206SpokaneSpokane Valley Spokane Valley population stats 
99206SpokaneSpokane Vly
99211SpokaneSpokane Valley Spokane Valley population stats 
99211SpokaneSpokane Vly
99212SpokaneMillwood Millwood population stats 
99212SpokaneSpokane Valley Spokane Valley population stats 
99212SpokaneSpokane Vly
99213SpokaneSpokane Valley Spokane Valley population stats 
99213SpokaneSpokane Vly
99214SpokaneSpokane Valley Spokane Valley population stats 
99214SpokaneSpokane Vly
99215SpokaneSpokane Valley Spokane Valley population stats 
99215SpokaneSpokane Vly
99216SpokaneSpokane Valley Spokane Valley population stats 
99216SpokaneSpokane Vly
99223SpokaneSpokane Valley Spokane Valley population stats 
99223SpokaneSpokane Vly
99206SpokaneCity Of Spokane Valley
99211SpokaneCity Of Spokane Valley
99211SpokaneCty Spok Val
99212SpokaneCity Of Spokane Valley
99212SpokaneCty Spok Val
99213SpokaneCity Of Spokane Valley
99213SpokaneCty Spok Val
99214SpokaneCity Of Spokane Valley
99214SpokaneCty Spok Val
99215SpokaneCity Of Spokane Valley
99215SpokaneCty Spok Val
99216SpokaneCity Of Spokane Valley
99201SpokaneSpokane Spokane population stats 
99202SpokaneSpokane Spokane population stats 
99203SpokaneSpokane Spokane population stats 
99204SpokaneSpokane Spokane population stats 
99205SpokaneSpokane Spokane population stats 
99206SpokaneSpokane Spokane population stats 
99207SpokaneSpokane Spokane population stats 
99208SpokaneSpokane Spokane population stats 
99209SpokaneSpokane Spokane population stats 
99210SpokaneSpokane Spokane population stats 
99211SpokaneSpokane Spokane population stats 
99213SpokaneSpokane Spokane population stats 
99214SpokaneSpokane Spokane population stats 
99215SpokaneSpokane Spokane population stats 
99216SpokaneSpokane Spokane population stats 
99217SpokaneSpokane Spokane population stats 
99218SpokaneSpokane Spokane population stats 
99219SpokaneSpokane Spokane population stats 
99220SpokaneSpokane Spokane population stats 
99223SpokaneSpokane Spokane population stats 
99224SpokaneSpokane Spokane population stats 
99228SpokaneSpokane Spokane population stats 
99251SpokaneSpokane Spokane population stats 
99252SpokaneSpokane Spokane population stats 
99256SpokaneSpokane Spokane population stats 
99258SpokaneSpokane Spokane population stats 
99260SpokaneSpokane Spokane population stats 
99299SpokaneSpokane Spokane population stats