What are the New Hope, Minnesota Zip Codes for 2020, 2019

Primary Zip Codes for New Hope

Zip CodePrimary CitySecondary City
55427MinneapolisNew Hope, Crystal, Golden Valley
55428MinneapolisNew Hope, Brooklyn Ctr, Brooklyn Center, Brooklyn Park, Crystal

Cities sharing Zip Codes with New Hope

Zip CodePrimary CitySecondary CityMore Information
55427MinneapolisCrystal Crystal population stats 
55427MinneapolisGolden Valley Golden Valley population stats 
55427MinneapolisNew Hope New Hope population stats 
55428MinneapolisBrooklyn Ctr
55428MinneapolisBrooklyn Center Brooklyn Center population stats 
55428MinneapolisBrooklyn Park Brooklyn Park population stats 
55428MinneapolisCrystal Crystal population stats 
55428MinneapolisNew Hope New Hope population stats