What are the Shorewood, Minnesota Zip Codes for 2020, 2019

Primary Zip Codes for Shorewood

Zip CodePrimary CitySecondary City
55331ExcelsiorShorewood, Orono, Tonka Bay, Deephaven, Greenwood, Minnetrista
55364MoundShorewood, Orono, Minnetrista

Cities sharing Zip Codes with Shorewood

Zip CodePrimary CitySecondary CityMore Information
55331ExcelsiorDeephaven Deephaven population stats 
55331ExcelsiorGreenwood Greenwood population stats 
55331ExcelsiorMinnetrista Minnetrista population stats 
55331ExcelsiorOrono Orono population stats 
55331ExcelsiorShorewood Shorewood population stats 
55331ExcelsiorTonka Bay Tonka Bay population stats 
55364MoundMinnetrista Minnetrista population stats 
55364MoundOrono Orono population stats 
55364MoundShorewood Shorewood population stats 

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