What are the Bear Creek Township, Pennsylvania Zip Codes for 2020, 2019

Primary Zip Codes for Bear Creek Township

Zip CodePrimary CitySecondary City
18702Wilkes BarreBear Creek Township, Bear Creek Tw, City Of Wb, City Of Wilkes Barre, Korn Krest, Plains Township, Plains Twp, Wilkes Barre Township, Wlks Barr Twp, Hilldale, Hudson, Plains

Cities sharing Zip Codes with Bear Creek Township

Zip CodePrimary CitySecondary CityMore Information
18702Wilkes BarreBear Creek Township
18702Wilkes BarreBear Creek Tw
18702Wilkes BarreCity Of Wb
18702Wilkes BarreCity Of Wilkes Barre
18702Wilkes BarreKorn Krest
18702Wilkes BarrePlains Township
18702Wilkes BarrePlains Twp
18702Wilkes BarreWilkes Barre Township
18702Wilkes BarreWlks Barr Twp
18702Wilkes BarreHilldale Hilldale population stats 
18702Wilkes BarreHudson Hudson population stats 
18702Wilkes BarrePlains Plains population stats 

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