What are the Covington Twp, Pennsylvania Zip Codes for 2020, 2019

Primary Zip Codes for Covington Twp

Zip CodePrimary CitySecondary City
18424GouldsboroCovington Twp, Moscow, Clifton, Clifton Township, Clifton Twp, Covington Township, Thornhurst
18444MoscowCovington Twp, Covington Township, Elmhurst Township, Elmhurst Twp, Madison Township, Madison Twp, Roaring Bk Tp, Roaring Brook Twp, Spring Brook Township, Sprng Brk Twp

Cities sharing Zip Codes with Covington Twp

Zip CodePrimary CitySecondary CityMore Information
18424GouldsboroClifton Township
18424GouldsboroClifton Twp
18424GouldsboroCovington Township
18424GouldsboroCovington Twp
18444MoscowCovington Township
18444MoscowCovington Twp
18444MoscowElmhurst Township
18444MoscowElmhurst Twp
18444MoscowMadison Township
18444MoscowMadison Twp
18444MoscowRoaring Bk Tp
18444MoscowRoaring Brook Twp
18444MoscowSpring Brook Township
18444MoscowSprng Brk Twp

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